Upcoming Events

Contact us at thedentongallery@yahoo.com for more information!

Aura Coffee Art display - July 1st to August 1st

Space Available for artwork, prints, and photography.

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Cancer Won't Bully Me Foundation Art Auction & Fundraiser - September 8th

5pm to 8pm, Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

Harvest House of Art - September 15th

1:00pm to Midnight, Harvest House Denton

Now booking artists, vendors, and bands.

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Denton meets Deep Ellum - July 23rd

6pm to Midnight, Deep Ellum Art Company

Now booking artists and vendors.

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Denton Art Forum, at The GDAC - November 17th

Time TBD, Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

If your organization would like to have a presence at the Denton Art Forum, please reach out to us! We are always looking for more local organizations to include in this event.

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