Special Exhibition

"Regarding Color"

by Artist

Cynthia Giron

Artist Biography

Cynthia Giron is currently a masters student of UNT. In 2015, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Studio Arts from the University of Saint Thomas. Her work has been featured in multiple exhibitions, and over the last 4 years she has worked in several art shows and festivals.  She describes her process...

Introduction to "Regarding Color"

" -Color psychology is the one of guiding factors in my work; Color Psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. Color influences our perceptions in ways that are not obvious to us, we form relationships with colors based on our sex, cultural background, and ethnicity amongst other factors. I am Interested in the way that certain colors have specific meanings, and how with colors I can form a new vocabulary to express certain emotions. I create meaning surrounding how certain colors are aligned to my personal color psychology."

- Cynthia


Simple Fixation

Acrylic, oil, ink and oil stick on canvas



"Instant Karma, is the embodiment of a spontaneous moment. While in some paintings I have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish, others are more process based, and develop as the painting does. Sometimes ‘accidents’ become the subject matter, karma indicated that everything happens for a reason so instead of trying to correct ‘mistakes’ I chose to go with them.  Spills become inspiration and everything else comes together by cause and effect, all due to an instant." 


The Golden Hour

Acrylic on canvas



"Void, is an exploration into a shape that appears in most of my works.  I use voids or openings that are usually circular to create space, depth, and opens foreground figures to the background. I’m fascinated by the idea of emptiness in voids, places where things cease to exist and where new ones are formed. In this painting I focus on just the void and what it does, how it looks and its representation. The background and foreground of the painting are purposefully made in warm colors while the ‘void’ shape is represented in cool tones. Mostly blues and black, with areas of bright colors, a mixture of darkness and light.  The marks seem to be going towards the void as if they are fulfilling their desire to become part of or be swallowed by the Void." 


Journey Beyond

Acrylic and ink on canvas



"Ethereal Void, is another exploration into void, but in this one my goal was to combine two opposing ideas. A void usually represented with darkness and emptiness, with feminine colors, bright and graceful. Lavender tones evoke whimsy, mystical/magical thoughts; while the pink further make the push towards femininity. The void is kept grounded with the earth tones and green that break up the pastel colors. I found that using spray paint gave me that airiness I craved to contrast the darkness of the void."



Acrylic, fluorescent paint and spray paint on canvas

52 ½ x72


"Fruitful Dimension, illustrates a place of creation, fruitful, things started with one shape and they evolved into many. This drawing was started by literally throwing, splattering ink and letting that become my inspiration. I knew I wanted the end result to be full of life and energy. Which is why the colors are lush and green, a color that symbolizes fertility. It’s a combination of every possible way to make a mark that gives it that action, that sense of life within itself."


Silver Lining

Ink, fluorescent paint, oil pastel and oil stick on paper

41 ½ x48


"Daydream, was inspired by the idea of what a daydream is, a subconscious thought while you are still awake. Most of my daydreams occur when something reminds me of something else and then my mind just wanders off. So I started like that, with a simple shape that evolved into a shape that is a creature and a space at the same time, illustrating the dichotomy of being awake but in a daydream at the same time."



Acrylic, fluorescent paint, ink and oil stick on paper

36 ½ x41 ½ 


"Limpid thoughts, is an exploration into collage and physical layering to achieve a dynamic space. Thoughts are fluid, layered and complex, all things I tried to illustrate in this small-scale drawing. The mix of opacity and transparency highlight the complexity of thoughts and how our minds work. Using a variety of media, I embellished it with splatters, round shapes and almost radioactive green shapes."


The winds of change

Collaged magazine paper, acrylic on dura-lar, spray paint and marbled mulberry paper



"Sprinkles on top, a playful, whimsical exploration of texture and color. I wanted to combine two colors, purple and green. Purple is a color of much significance, but in this piece it’s used for its introspective qualities, its dark without being gloomy, while the green is balance and harmony. The green is light almost sprinkled on, letting you see it without competing with the purple shapes. This idea of ‘sprinkles’ made me crave some sort of embellishment, a area where the eyes would immediately be drawn to, which is where the holographic film comes in. The film adds shine and leads your eye around an area that is mostly empty."




"Simple Fixation, as the title says, is about moments of simplicity while experiencing compulsion or an obsession. The two emotions are different in every way but usually come together in moments of stress, worry, etc.  Simplicity is represented in the light tan areas of flat color; they allow the eye to rest, in the painting the flat areas are being over taken, like tranquility is overshadowed by anxiety. The excessive mark making, personifying the chaos in obsession, the myriad of colors and different marks and textures show the different facets."



 Instant Karma

Acrylic, ink, watercolor and holographic film on canvas



"The Golden Hour, a term that I use to refer to moments where everything aligns and is perfect. Also a reference to the hour before sundown, where the last bits of sunrays are disappearing and the night’s coolness approaches. The golden areas of the painting are the suns light, the glow of perfection, while the purple are the impending twilight, the night’s mystery and magic. My goal was to capture this moment, the dynamic of light and dark, and the balance that makes moments perfect." 



Acrylic, ink, fluorescent paint and oil pastel on un-stretched canvas



"The Journey Beyond is an emotional response to a loss I experienced last year. Someone dear to me passed away, while contemplating on loss I tried to imagine what happens to us when we die. We go from something that is physical and spiritual to just spirit. This painting shows that transformation or that journey. The solid, pinkish shape represents our physical self; the darker, fluid shapes are the transformation. And the last two shapes, the green and aqua blue shapes are the spirits ascension. The colors were very carefully chosen to give feelings of peace and spirituality to the painting. There are three lines coming from the fluid shapes that represent this persons connection to his family still on earth. These lines are delicate as is the relationship with a loved one no longer with us."


Ethereal Void

Acrylic and ink on canvas



"Duality, is from a series of fluorescent color explorations; I wanted to combine bright, in-your-face colors with more traditional colors to highlight the tension with the two shapes in this painting. Yellow is used to stimulate the eyes; it is the most powerful emotional stimulus color, which give off an unstable environment. I wanted for the shapes to feel like they were in an eternal struggle for the viewer’s attention; they seem to move and try to push the other off the picture plane. While they struggle to be the center of attention, they become just that by almost morphing into a singular shape."


Fruitful Dimension

Acrylic, ink and oil stick on paper



"Silver lining, is an exploration of cloud like shapes and mark making. I limited my use of black to purposefully give the drawing a softer lighter feel. This softer look is further apparent by the use of light greens and soft pinks. The drawing is very layered, the layers aren’t used to cover the other but to rather build up the depth and add tactile interest that can be viewed up close. To me a silver lining is a sign of hope, the rainbow after the storm."



Acrylic, ink and oil stick on paper

36 ½ x 49


"Pretender, tells a story of sorts, of shape that can look like a creature to certain viewers, it feels mechanical and organic, menacing and mesmerizing all at once. It’s the center of the drawings; everything else seems to revolve around it. This drawing was process driven, I started it like others but consciously struggled because I kept seeing a creature, finally instead of fighting it I decided to highlight it. The end result is confusing and mysterious, like a nightmare, its hard to decide if it is a creature or just a simulation."


Limpid thoughts

Spray paint on paper with collaged dura-lar with ink



"The winds of change, where I explore collage and how different textures can come to create a picture that illustrated change. Combining opposing things is something I love to do. Each area is different, not only in color but also in subject matter; there seems to be elements of fire, water, air, space and earth. While they do come together I wouldn’t call their unity a peaceful one, it’s more of a collision or an explosion."


Sprinkles on top

Spray paint, watercolor pigment, and holographic film on paper


All curations by Cynthia Giron