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Skylar Styron * Roberto Cespedes * Angel Nuno * KG Thompson * Axl Dehoyos * Austin Flores * Nicole Sharp * ashley Montanaro * David Simpson * Andrew Klinger * Mark Torres * Sanchez Murray * Ana Dria * Tony Casillas * CHevy Chey

Chevy Chey

Chevy has been practicing photography since 2010, and started Chevy Chey photography in 2013. She currently resides in Denton, Tx but travels any and everywhere. Chevy specialize in wedding photography/videography and college/high school senior photography but won't pass up an opportunity to try something fresh and new! 


Ana Dria

Originally from Austin, Texas, Ana is a 20 year old photographer and student currently studying photography and marketing at the University of North Texas. 

"I am fascinated with the female experience; capturing emotion and intimacy that is shared as a collective through experimentation with film and the realm of lomography" - Ana


Sanchez Murray

Sanchez Murray is a free lance photographer. He began photography his freshman year of college, and his focus is typically portraiture with a mix of landscape. 

Mark Torres

Mark Torres is an amateur photographer in Denton, Texas. He is a student of UNT and is working on building his photography portfolio.

Andrew Klinger

Andrew Klinger is an amateur astrophotographer living in the DFW area. He travels away from the heavy light pollution and uses long exposures to reveal nebulae and galaxies in detail unseen by the naked eye.

"The Galactic Core"

"The Galactic Core"

"Veil Nebula Supernova Remnant"

"Veil Nebula Supernova Remnant"

"The Lagoon and Trifid Nebula"

"The Lagoon and Trifid Nebula"

Tony Casillas

  "I love taking pictures of humans because I love showing that everyone has beautiful traits and I love capturing them." - Tony

David Simpson

David Simpson is a film photographer from Denton, TX. His work includes home developed 35mm, medium and large format films, as well as instant films.

"Recycled Books"

"Recycled Books"

"Scotland Park"

"Scotland Park"

"Cemetary Virgin"

"Cemetary Virgin"

Ashley Montanaro

Ashley Montanaro is currently a photographer based out of Denton capturing the simplistic beauty of people. Her goal is to make each person feel completely comfortable in front of her camera. This enables her to capture their true self and not just the person they want the world to see. 


Nicole Rita Sharp

Nicole Rita Sharp is a local photographer, filmmaker, and makeup artist in the DFW area. 

Stemming from her childhood spent in Puerto Rico, Sharp is inspired by two different kinds of beauty: the inherent beauty of nature and the beauty that is found in man-made creation. Sharp strives to share her wonder of the world through her photography, only lightly editing the pictures to remain as faithful to the original subject as possible.


Skyler Styron

Skyler is a Denton local, trying to capture the world as he sees it. He enjoys exploring and photographing the Dallas area as often as possible. 


Roberto Céspedes


Angel Nuño

Angel Nuño is a Denton/DFW amateur photographer. He is originally from Chicago Illinois and a recent UNT Graduate.

KG Thompson

KG Thompson is an Art and Design Major from Dallas, TX. 


Axl Dehoyos

Axl Thomas is an artist and photographer living and working in Denton, Texas. Born in Port Lavaca, Texas, he joined the Marine Corps in 2007 shortly after turning 19 years old.