John Bramblitt


After losing his sight in 2001, John Bramblitt has become the world's number one blind painter (TopTenz) leading the way for adaptive techniques to create art for people of all abilities and disabilities. Bramblitt is an award winning artist and author including three presidential service awards in recognition for his innovative art workshops, the Barbara Jordan Media Award for his book "Shouting in the Dark", and Most Inspirational Video on YouTube Award.

John's work has been sold in over thirty countries all over the world and featured in hundreds of stories on TV, Radio and newspapers including: The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, Discovery Channel, CNN (where he has also been asked to be an expert consultant). His art has been in various films as well as magazine covers. Several award winning documentary shorts have also been made about Bramblitt's life including the current one still touring film festivals entitled, 'John.'

John creates his paintings by allowing his hands to become his eyes by using modern Orientation and Mobility techniques developed for the blind combined with composition and painting theories that have been around for centuries.  John textures his paint making each color feel differently, and draws using paint that leaves a subtle raised line that can be felt making each brushstroke a landmark for where he is on the canvas. 

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