Special Exhibitions


By R'Bonney Gabriel


A fashion collection inspired by the of the ocean and the Pacific Northwest coast.


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Trace Elements

By Cynthia Giron


I work in an automatic or intuitive way adding and subtracting until I find the end I wish to see. I enjoy experimenting with different types of mark making: markers, spray paint, ink stains etc. Sometimes in my experimentations I find wonderful accidents from which are built upon; but I try not to let any one mark become too precious. I enjoy my work being playful imperfect and energetic. I favor working on larger sizes because it facilitates the physicality of larger marks while also giving me room to develop smaller refined areas. My interest in mark making drives me to try and resolve how marks are more than just a dot or a line, how together they can make mass or space and how color also influences how mark or area is perceived.

Regarding Color

by Cynthia Giron


" -Color psychology is the one of guiding factors in my work; Color Psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior. Color influences our perceptions in ways that are not obvious to us, we form relationships with colors based on our sex, cultural background, and ethnicity amongst other factors. I am Interested in the way that certain colors have specific meanings, and how with colors I can form a new vocabulary to express certain emotions. I create meaning surrounding how certain colors are aligned to my personal color psychology."


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By Elodie Richards


Elodie depicts visions of her life journal, memories of places, people, objects, events, in her own way. Her China ink works and photography are often first versions of later paintings. Her landscapes and characters reflect her connection (spiritual) to Nature, to the land, and per extension the land of her ancestors, back in France and Poland. (The country where each artwork was created is always specified). There is also an intentionally naive approach of the human figure in a sophisticated society. Experimenting with the rejection of conventional representation of people, the wide range of possibilities of interpretation of monochrome paintings is arguably why the monochrome is so engaging to Elodie. White lines create a sort of aura, immortalizing her memory.


The New Three’s Company

by eric olivo, maia pizarro, gem you

The New Three’s Company is a collective of three artists; Eric Olivo, Maia Pizarro, and Gem You.

This trinity of queer Latinx artists have mindfully chosen art that represents their experiences with relationships. Each artist has a distinct style and together they have curated work that demonstrates their understandings of various types of love. Olivo uses the quick processes of screen-printing and collage-style work to reflect the fast-paced and fleeting relationships he has encountered. Pizarro exhibits empathy through her conceptual pieces that incorporate the interaction of the community to complete her work. Gem You reveals the traumatic content of their subconscious through the intimate use of their body in their work. The New Three’s Company places emphasis on Agape (universal love), Eros (passionate or sexual love), and Ludus (playful or uncommitted love) in the selected work for their self-titled debut show.

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