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Interested in performing at locations in Denton? There are opportunities at:

Studio E (The Bears Den)

An underground space around the back of building 207 on the square in Denton. New to Denton, this BYOB space provides an underground, intimate space for performances. Paired with art displays and other performances, Studio E sets will be compensated by a portion of the cover charge and pre-sales. Opportunities to sell band merchandise at shows. 

Midway Craft House (Hickory St)

Voted best anti-venue in Denton 2 years running (DAM Awards), Midway Craft House provides an impromptu space for local performers. Typically booked 2 to 3 weeks ahead, performances run from 8:30pm to 12pm, Friday and Saturday. Bands are provided with drinks on the house, and may be featured in our Denton performances video series.

Harvest House Denton

One of the major venues in Denton, Harvest House provides a full stage-performance set-up and event promotion. Performers are compensated by agreement, and are typically booked 2 to 3 months ahead.

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