A collection inspired by the ocean and the essence of the Pacific Northwest coast. Designed by R'Bonney Gabriel.


Feminine silhouettes are used to portray the Greek goddess of the ocean, Amphitrite.


The constant movement of ocean waves is timeless. That beauty is translated into fabric by giving the garment ruffles and movement when worn.


For some of the dresses, a fishing line technique was used on the hem to create bouncy movement. Attention to detail through handwork and relaxed silhouettes created the harmonious balance between the beauty of a woman and the beauty of the ocean: Amphitrite. 


About the designer

R'Bonney Gabriel started sewing at the age of 15. She is currently a senior at the University of Texas' Fashion Design Program. She strives to create pieces with great quality and attention to detail, not made for the masses. Her goals after college include advancing her knowledge of couture techniques and building a brand that promotes ethical business practices.